visual artist

Mathilde Karrèr (1979, Amsterdam) loves color, accessories and flowers to create lavish, eclectic yet subtle

compositions with a captivating narrative. 

Half-way between paintings and movie stills, her photographs are elaborate,

visually-rich micro worlds with knowingly chosen details.

Her lighting expertise and the wish to make every image premium, texturised

and rich; this is what make her photography stand out.

Many of her works, she develops and styles herself.


"The art of painting, in many styles, have subconsciously, a big influence in my work. 

Also late 20th century movies, the production and set design, I find inspirational.

How to tell a story using references, props or visual language from Pop Culture and Art History, is an intensive process, where technical knowledge and intuition have to become one to create an image.

I like to approach a project as a director, set designer and photographer in one.

Certain themes will re-emerge in my work, like the the strong connection to the classical still life, however I like to experiment, try out new a new approaches and push my own reference framework"

selected clients

Viktor&Rolf Perfumes

NIKE Basketball

Olaf Hussein

...,Staat Amsterdam



Bonanza Coffee

Kinfill Homecare


selected publications

Mirror Mirror Magazine

Rakes Progress

Vogue the Netherlands


Sunday Times Style Magazine

Capital Magazine



Represented in Paris by Zeynep Represents