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Visual Artist Mathilde Karrèr loves to use color, accessories, and flowers in her creations of lavish, eclectic yet subtle compositions with captivating narratives. Fusing paintings and movie stills and incorporating precisely chosen details Mathilde's photographs are elaborate, visually-rich micro worlds. In her work she is involved throughout the creative process, creating her images with a distinct sense for props, styling and set design.

"The Surrealist movement, the second part of the 20th century cinema and pop culture, are recurring sources of inspiration. Also the art of Still Life painting, throughout the centuries, has a significant influence in how I make my compositions. Experimenting and trying out new approaches to push my own reference framework, I feel, are an important part of my work too"


Flowers are a recurrent theme and inspiration for Mathilde. She has a remarkable sense, or is it intuition, how she proceeds towards these entities.

"A flower is a remarkable thing, most of the time, they are no longer connected to their source of life, I take them before their natural process of expiration has started, they exist in a strange halfway state. I am enchanted and inspired by their transient beauty. These in between moments I encapsulated to create an extraordinary universe where they remain.'

Represented by Zeynep Represents (Paris)


Viktor&Rolf Perfumes

Rémy Martin

NIKE Basketball

Olaf Hussein

Royal Delft

...,Staat Amsterdam



Bonanza Coffee



Mirror Mirror Magazine

Rakes Progress

Vogue the Netherlands


Sunday Times Style Magazine

Capital Magazine

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